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Primary Practicals

Children cannot learn in school everything they will need to know in adult life - we need to teach them to be aware of their own thinking processes and learning strategies. Scientific method teaches both of these things, and a lot more, that is why we are passionate about seeing Primary Science being used effectively throughout a child's school life, starting as early as possible.

Primary Practicals is based in Studley, Warwickshire and we pride ourselves on stimulating curiosity, promoting learning and getting the most enjoyable experience for the children when it comes to Science in many of the local schools. We work with Science Leads, teachers and support staff to make sure that everyone is working towards the same goal: fantastic Primary Science education. Through the use of our interactive and engaging STEM courses, we support staff and make sure that the Science curriculum is delivered in an effective way.
Primary Practicals brings you Ask Dr. Matt - filling the gap between the child asking and the teacher having the answer by providing STEM subject information. We aim to make the process quick, easy and enjoyable for everyone involved. And best of all it it's completely free! Join us on Facebook, and ask away! More...