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Ask Dr Matt – primary Science Knowledge teaching primary science

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Questions – Our motivation
Has a child ever asked you something while you were teaching science and you just didn’t have the right knowledge to give them an answer?

Why are plants green? Does the moon look the wrong way up in Australia? Is it really dark in space? What came first the chicken or the egg?


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Teaching Primary Science

Students ask these type of questions about the world around them.  All the time in fact, they always have and hopefully always will!  And it’s down to the teacher to answer these primary science questions, it’s their job right?  But what do teachers do when they are asked something they don’t know?  How do you teach something you are just not that sure about?  How do you find the time to look everything up on the internet and then decide on the answer? This is where we can help with teaching primary science and primary science knowledge !

With a resident Science guru with a PhD in Chemistry and a minimum of ‘A’ level in all STEM subjects, we thought it would be a bit rude to keep him to ourselves.  We therefore bring you ‘Ask Dr. Matt’ – a closed Facebook group for teachers so they can get that bit of extra support when stumped by primary Science.

The aim of ‘Ask Dr. Matt’ is to fill the gap between the child asking and the teacher having the answer, it aims to make the process quicker, easier and smoother for everyone involved (afterall, you know how hard it is to work out whether the internet is telling the truth!).  And best of all it aims to do that completely free!  We can’t think of anything fairer than that.

What teachers say about Ask Dr. Matt:

“Thank you! It’s the simplest of things that make a big difference”


primary science knowledge teaching primary science primary science Ask dr matt

Primary Science Knowledge

And just so you know, we wouldn’t want you to be wondering…

Why are plants green? Plants use light for photosynthesis, but they actually only really use the red light (and a bit of the blue) which leaves light from the yellow and blue end of the spectrum to be bounced off the leaves. Yellow and blue mix to make it appear green!

Does the moon look the wrong way up in Australia? Yup, it is the other way up (although there is no real ‘wrong’ in this case).

Is it really dark in space? No, not unless you are in a shadow (from a planet for example) there is just nothing for the light to hit so it looks black.

What came first the chicken or the egg? Well, dinosaurs (and fish!) laid eggs, so the first egg came well before chickens. But importantly, a chicken like bird (so much like a chicken no one could tell the difference, but technically not a chicken) laid an egg with a chicken in it at some point, that’s how chickens evolved. So the egg was first, however you look at it.

So if a child asked you something about Science and you didn’t have the primary science knowledge to answer it or you need help with teaching primary science? Just ‘Ask Dr. Matt’.