Autism Awareness – Recognising traits

Autism can be a challenging condition to deal with, both for the child and the staff involved. A good understanding of the difficulties that a child with autism faces in their daily life is vital in being able to support them and to help them develop. In Primary School aged children, a diagnosis has not always been given, and autism awareness training to spot the traits of an autistic child, and providing the necessary support early in their … [Read more...]

N.I.C.E.R. Behaviour Management Course

This primary school behaviour management training course will introduce staff to the importance of using positive behaviour management techniques with young children and the role that it plays in the future development of the child. We aim to increase awareness of the causes for behavioural concerns through looking at the psychology behind undesirable behaviour as well as considering the background and feelings of the child. Through the adult led … [Read more...]

Basic Safeguarding: Child Protection

Child Protection is an integral part of all staff roles and it is essential to keep safeguarding training updated and staff informed of the signs of abuse and how to handle and report suspected abuse. Having up-to-date knowledge will enable staff to be confident in the process to protect everyone in the primary school. Refreshing the safeguarding training of staff means that complacency can't slip into the nursery and our up-to-date primary … [Read more...]

Basic Food Hygiene Training Course

Whether you are preparing snacks for break time or just cooking up some biscuits with your children, Primary Practicals Food Hygiene course covers some essential skills that are an important part of what we do. Not only is it useful to have a basic level of food hygiene among the staff, but it is important to have the children learn these skills correctly at an early age. This essential primary schools food hygiene course will enable teachers … [Read more...]

Paediatric First Aid Training Course

This popular Primary Practicals Primary School Paediatric First Aid training course will ensure your staff are compliant when out on trips and are prepared for anything that might happen in the classroom.  We offer a Level 3 Paediatric First Aid qualification accredited through Qualsafe to ensure we meet the specific requirements that the training must cover based on existing good practice guidance.   The Primary School Paediatric … [Read more...]