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Making the most of your Out of School Clubs or Science Clubs is always a challenge.  Without the pressures of a curriculum it should be a fun and engaging time for the children, but it often leaves the staff feeling tired, fed up and in a constant search for new ideas and new resources with neither time nor money available.  This is where Primary Practicals can help!

With years of experience running Ofsted Outstanding Out of School Clubs and Holiday clubs we have a whole range of experiences to share.  We can support you with everything from setting up a club to bringing some inspiration to the sessions of an established setting.  Through the use of short courses and consultancy opportunities we will support any Club to make it that little bit easier for the staff involved.

We offer some short courses and have found in the past that these work well, but people often want to know what they can do with their specific space and resources – we can’t possibly hope to offer this in a single training session. We are therefore more than happy to come out to your setting and then create some ideas that are perfect for your needs, these can be passed on through training sessions, written or verbal feedback as required.  If you are interested in this service then don’t hesitate to contact Matt on 01527 452430.

There are also some short courses we run, aimed specifically at Out of School Clubs:

STEM Subjects for Out of School Clubs and Science Clubs courses

And coming soon we have

  • Everyday Explorers: Science in the Garden
  • Everyday Explorers: Out of School

Read the Primary Practicals Training FAQs section for useful information on our venue facilities, how to book, payment options, parking and much more.