Primary Practicals brand launched


MBK Training is proud to announce Primary Practicals

Primary Practicals is supporting Primary Schools with their science provision!

Primary Practicals will offer a range of training courses and CPD opportunities to Primary staff to support and develop the teaching of Science to young children.  Science is often overlooked in Primary School, few teachers favour the subject and with SATs not including science for the moment, it has become ‘less important’.  But Science has plenty to offer young people, from helping them understand the world they live in to helping them make informed decisions – it really can make a difference.  We aim to help teachers get it right and make it straight forward for them.

Expanding our training provision into Primary Schools has always been an inportant part of delivering a comprehensive training program and supporting young children as best we can.  We now have the opportunity to do just that, and to be able to support a subject that we are passionate about it is an excellent opportunity.

We have already started working with local authorities to bring our training to as many schools as possible, so watch this space for training local to you.  If you are interested in any of the information available on either of our websites then please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01527 452430.                    

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