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Primary Science Outreach

Due to popular demand Primary Practicals are now offering primary science workshop with classes of children! Whether as an opportunity for primary science outreach and to demonstrate some of the teaching strategies covered in our CPD sessions, or just a way of invigorating a science lesson or topic; our Spectacular Science sessions are fun and engaging for both the teachers and the children.  Spectacular science sessions are always aimed at encouraging students to be creative and inspire curiosity – the main ingredients of good science lessons.  This is always achieved with a healthy dose of practical work for the students to get their teeth into – after all, it wouldn’t be science without it!

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Primary Science Sessions

Spectacular Science primary science outreach Primary Science Workshop primary science sessions We tailor our Spectacular Science sessions to fit to the particular part of the KS1 or KS2 science curriculum you request – giving your children the most useful experience possible.  We aim to make each session a completely unique one, tailored to your class, and make sure we include the techniques we discuss in all our CPD courses.  We really do try to practice what we preach!

primary teacher training primary cpd primary school cpd

Primary Science Workshop

If you would like us to come in and delivery primary science sessions with the children in your school, then simply get in touch, let us know what content you want to cover and we will do the rest.  We can often provide the resources for our primary science workshop, but if not then we find that schools can already provide everything that we use – to find out if we can deliver something that you need then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01527 452430.babes and club aug 2015 065

“The children had a great opportunity to get to grips with nature and back to basics in the garden!  Thank you.”

Anita S.

Out of School Club Coordinator, Redditch, Worcestershire 19/8/2016


We have worked with schools in Solihull, Birmingham, Redditch, Warwickshire, Manchester and more!  If you would like a recommendation then let us know and we will put you in touch with the school nearest you.