Questions: The Heart of Science

Questioning in primary science primary science questions Science is about asking questions, right through from Early Years to Universities and beyond.  Effective questioning in primary science is therefore a vital part of teaching the KS1 and KS2 curriculum, especially when teaching ‘Working Scientifically’.  The children asking science questions is fantastic, but how we answer them and support them through the different topics really does make a difference.  Primary Science should be all about finding out, not about learning facts, and children should be encouraged to wonder and then supported in their efforts to find out the answer (for themselves ideally).  Children also shouldn’t be told the answer to anything they ask (well some things they ask), teachers should be using open questions to lead children to the answer.

Encouraging the children to be the ones to ask (and then answer!) questions is a daunting task if science is not your best subject.  But these questions and the subsequent investigations are vital to improving childrens scientific thinking, moving them away from a world of being told about the world around them to one where they work it out for themselves using sound reasoning and logic.

effective questioning in primary science questioning training

The objectives of this Questioning in primary science training course:

  • Increase teachers’ confidence in incorporating scientific thinking into lessons.
  • Support practitioners with using questioning to develop scientific thinking.
  • Highlight characteristics of effective science based activities and lessons.
  • Confront teachers’ own issues with science and how it may affect their delivery of these activities.
  • Give practitioners practice at planning science based activities with the existing resources in their own classroom.

This course is ideal for KS1 & KS2 teachers and support staff, as questioning occurs in both large and small groups throughout the classroom.  This Primary Science course can be tailored to suit a specific scheme of work or key stage if it is to be delivered in house, but fits with the national curriculum too.

Course Cost: £50 per person

Course Length: 2 hours

To book this primary science questions training course please call us on 01527 452430.

Course locations: our training centre is based in Studley, Warwickshire, close to the M42 with easy access across the West Midlands. We regularly deliver our courses in schools across Birmingham, Coventry, Rugby, Evesham, Redditch and with others from as far afield as Oxford, Northampton and Milton Keynes.

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Did you know that this questioning in primary science course can be customised to your primary school requirements? Contact us for more information.